Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Twin Cities

Providing Excellent Services Since 2007

MediCar offers affordable and convenient medical transportation in the twin cities. No more will you waste hours and valuable time waiting on public transportation when you can schedule a MediCar!

Simply Log Into the DASSHH app and plug in your doctors destination and we can have you en route to your appointment in no time at all. 

Ideal over Medical Transport

No waiting outside when you can stay in the comfort of your home.

Be There On Time

Schedule in advance to ensure your driver is there precisely when they need to be.


Compared to competitors, we are the cost-effective option in the twin cities.

Our Rates



We charge by the mile.

Please review our pricing within our app as it is the same as our on-demand pricing.

Our Other Services

We offer a range of services beyond MediCar. If you’d like to see some more, be sure to click on the icons below!

Airport Transport

Dry Drivers

Sober Skippers

Ride Hailing

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